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Courtesy of my good friends at, check out this very cool label on that should hopefully be on the back of Stone IPA that’s coming into St. Louis:

Big thanks for and @Hoptopia for pointing this one out.  In an interview posted on today, Gary Vaynerchuk interviewed Bill Covaleski from Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania.  At the 11:15 minute mark:

Gary Vaynerchuk: What’s the biggest state you’re not in?
Bill Covaleski: What’s the biggest state we’re not in?  We’re hearing a lot from Missouri and we’re not in Missouri.
GV: You’re not in the St. Louis market?
BC: No, we’re not.


GV: So is that because you haven’t found the right distributor or distributors haven’t come to you or you just want to feel it or you’re not ready there with volume?  Where are you at?
BC: Great questions. Basically we utilize the internet to listen to demand and so we’ve been told these are ready audiences. We’ve just had to add some additional capacity for fermentation. And then finding the right wholesalers, these are life-long relationships you really need to do the right thing.

If this means we’re at the tipping point, maybe it’s time for a push from the STL Hops crowd? Call, Email, Twitter, and Facebook them, let them know that St. Louis wants Victory. Just be nice about it, we want them to know we’re passionate, but please be courteous. Here’s the contact info:

Phone: 610-514-7000
Email: Anne Shuniak, Communications
Twitter: @victorybeer
Facebook: Victory Fan Group

This is the time to put the power of STL Hops to work.  Hopefully we’ll find a distributor that wants to pick these guys up.

How does this differ from the Friday Round-Up?  I guess it doesn’t really, but all of this news seems rather important, so I thought I’d give it to you now. Here’s just a few stories that you may be interested in:

  • Schlafly will be putting Summer Lager into cans, it’ll be brewed at Stevens Point in Wisconsin.  This is a perfect addition for the upcoming summer.
  • For those of you looking to enjoy Boulevard’s Tank 7 at home, it is now available in bottles in the St. Louis area.
  • Schlafly is doing another collaboration, this time with Stuttgart, Germany’s smallest brewery.  The beer will be a dry-hopped Märzen.
  • Bottles of O’Fallon’s Hemp Hop Rye will be available this spring.
  • Cathedral Square beers are now available in bottles.  In related news, I just realized I accidentally left Cathedral Square off of the STL Hops St. Louis Beer Challenge.
  • Want the fame and glory of naming a beer without the hassle of actually having to brew and distribute it?  Well, the Wine and Cheese Place and O’Fallon Brewery have a contest for you.

Your news has now been shotgunned, I’d say you’re about four beers deep at this point.

Paul Hayden from the Wine and Cheese Place dropped me a very brief email letting me know that Bell’s Brewery‘s Batch 9000has just hit the St. Louis area.  Each 1000 batches, Bell’s puts out a very special commemorative beer to celebrate.

The back story on this beer is that Batch 7000 was an Imperial Stout and a beer that many people thought was the best beer Bell’s ever made.  Batch 9000 is a DOUBLE version of Batch 7000.  So, it’s big.

And because it’s big, it’s very limited and very much in demand.  Don’t wait around, this beer isn’t going to last long. For more information about this beer, check out this story from

stonefestivusNews today from Stone Brewing Company that they may be interested in opening a brewery in Europe.  I’m warning everyone right now that this is a completely reactionary post.

What the hell Stone?  I know, you want to come to Missouri, but the time just isn’t right.  You know that we want you, but you can’t support us.  But you keep dangling that carrot in front of us, “We’ll be there one day, we promise!”

But then we all hear about this new idea. It feels like a real kick in the gut for those of us that want Stone in St. Louis.  You can’t even keep up with demand in the US, but you’re looking at opening a brewery outside of the US?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

I think I’m about tired of chasing that carrot. There are plenty of great breweries that actually made the effort to come to St. Louis and I’ll keep happily drinking them.  Have fun in Finland.

bells-the-oracle-double-ipaBig props to for pointing this one out.

Bell’s Brewery out of Michigan is set to release a brand new Double IPA called Oracle DIPA.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Oracle Double Imperial Pale Ale?  That sounds awfully familiar.”  Well, that’s because St. Louis’ own Buffalo Brewing Company came up with a Imperial IPA also named Oracle way back in March of this year.

As Adam from Beernews wonderfully points out, according to The Babble Belt’s Joris Pattyn, Larry Bell seems very quick to protect what he views as the encroachment on his name and his brewery.

So you have to wonder how Larry Bell could miss this glaring mistake?  Surely he wouldn’t want to look hypocritical?

Graciously stolen from


(St. Louis, MO) – More great news out of the Midwest (and no, this post isn’t about St. Louis Beer Week), Schlafly has another bottle-conditioned beer set to drop in the next two months. According to a brewery rep, “[Quadrupel] will be available year-round, but in limited quantities, with the initial batch being 150 cases.” Target release date is May 1. I’ve attached the back label below.


I’m sure we can get a brewery representative to give us a few more details.