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Tag: beer trading

ciceros-tradeBeer trading can be a contentious topic amongst beer fans.  Some people see it like a baseball card or (more for this generation) Pokémon card mentality. Trading to get the “best” and not worrying what’s in the bottle.

I personally think this is hogwash.  Trading provides people the opportunity to try beers they may not have ever had the chance to try from all over the globe.  Trading also brings people together.  Either to sample the beers gathered via a trade or to trade beer in person (where beers are usually still sampled.)

Cicero’s feels the same way. So they’ve put together an event they’ve dubbed St. Louis Beer Enthusiasts Meet and Greet and Bottle Trade: Episode 1.  This Sunday, May 31st, starting at 2PM, Cicero’s is using their event space to host a beer trading session.

$20 not only gets you in the door, but also provides you with a 5oz pour of Firestone Parabola, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, and Avery Uncle Jacobs.  And that’s not all!  Your ticket also includes some pizza and appetizers as well as a raffle ticket for some cool beer schwag and some rare bottles..

I’ve been told there will be other amazing drinks to purchase that day.  So, open up your cellar and find some bottles to trade. But don’t feel forced to trade, you’re also welcome to show up and have a great time!

Someone suggested this to me a few days ago and I finally put it into place, but STL Hops now has a place to trade beer!  Rather than try and trade beer via some of the other beer website, STL Hops allows you to trade with people in the area face to face for that instant gratification. Be sure to check out the new forum and trade to your heart’s desire.