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image1In case you missed it, Charleville Brewing Co. announced a new location located in downtown St. Louis at 2101 Chouteau Ave.

This new location will serve as a second location for Charleville, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy Charleville beers without having to travel to Ste. Genevieve. To preview this new location, Charleville and their new partners the Hamilton Hospitality Group are throwing a little party to show off the space.

This Thursday, October 20th from 5-8pm Charleville will be hosting Boar and Brew. Charleville will be selling four different barrel-aged beers by the bottle:

Flanders Red – aged in oak barrels with cherries
Kick in the Cranberries – aged in white wine barrels with Cranberries
BA Barleywine – aged in bourbon barrels **VERY LIMITED Quantites**
BA Box of Chocolate – aged in bourbon barrels **VERY LIMITED Quantities**

They will also be serving a pig roast dinner with two sides for $11.99 per person. You will also have the opportunity to look over the new space and the blueprints as well.

Congrats to our friends at Charleville for this very exciting announcement!

goodnightireneAbout a year ago I approached Emily Wymore at Perennial Artisan Ales with a pretty innocent question about purchasing bottles from them. Emily asked me what I needed them for and I explained that I planned on working with some friends to homebrew a beer for my wedding.

Emily immediately told me that they would love to brew my wedding beer. Needless to say I was flabbergasted. It was truly an amazing gesture and one that I couldn’t pass up. I went to work with Perennial and Side Project Brewing‘s Cory King to design a recipe around one of my favorite styles, the Belgian Dark Strong.

In all of my experimentations of cellaring beer, it’s definitely a style that holds up to a bit of age and it’s one of my and Irene’s favorite styles. At some point in naming the original beer, which was fittingly called “Irene”, the idea was posed of doing a barrel-aged version named “Good Night, Irene.”

So, last March Cory and I brewed the initial batch of Irene which was then aged in red wine barrels for six months which then took on the name Good Night, Irene. Then in early September, brewer Chris Kinast and I brewed the non-BA version of Irene.

I’m happy to announce that this Thursday, October 15th, beginning at 4PM Perennial and Side Project be releasing not only Irene, but Good Night, Irene as well. Irene will be available for $12 per bottle and Good Night, Irene will be $20 available for purchase at the Perennial tasting room. Draft of both beers will be available at 6PM.

This was a very special beer; I can’t express enough how much I appreciate this gesture by Perennial and Side Project. Irene and I are honored by this release and hope that you all can join us.

PrintIf you check Twitter and other social media sites, one of the most asked questions of 4 Hands Brewery is when Cuvee Ange is coming back. Well I’m here to tell you that the time is almost upon us.

On Monday December 9th at 3PM, 4 Hands will release the 2013 version of this beautiful funky beer. Cuvee Ange is a barrel aged farmhouse ale with raspberries and blackberries. The 2013 version spent 10 months in French Oak barrels to enhance its complexity. This year the brewery changed up the packaging a bit, offering it up in stunning 750ml wax dipped bottles with a unique wood label.

The bottle limit for this release at the brewery will be 6 bottles and they’ll go for $14.99 each. For $6 you’ll also be able to grab a 12oz pour in the tasting room while you grab your bottles. So head on over to 4 Hands on Monday afternoon and grab this much anticipated release.

SideProject_WHT_HRZI’ve often said this, but one of the things I enjoy most about creating STL Hops is the friendships I’ve gained because of it. It’s amazing how big my circle of friends has become in the past six years. One of those friendships that I cherish is that of Cory and Karen King.

My favorite part of my friendship with Cory is not that he helped get me my job at Lohr (though I’m eternally grateful of that) but that him and I will argue about beer (and other things) until the cows come home. We’re men of strong opinions and we’re happy to let people hear them, so putting us in a room together can almost seem contentious at times.

But the thing I admire about Cory is that he never holds my stupid opinion or stupid arguments to heart. We may tussle, but it’s water off a duck’s back after it’s over. So, I’m proud and very happy that I announce that my friend’s brewery, Side Project Brewing will be releasing his first three beers:

The Origin (available in 750mL bottle format)
14.3% ABV

The Origin is a blend of Imperial Stout, Black Oatwine and Baltic Porter that was aged for 20 months in a Rittenhouse Rye barrel with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. It is our Batch #1, Barrel #1 and our first release. It is never to be brewed again.

Saison du Fermier (available in 750mL bottle format)
7% ABV

Saison du Fermier is a Chardonnay barrel-fermented Saison. It is the harmony of new and old. It is robust and has the paler color of modern Saisons, yet it is balanced with the brightness, depth and rustic character of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus found in traditional Saisons. This farmhouse ale was fermented in and aged in wine barrels for several months.

Brett Project #1 (available in 750mL bottle format)
6% ABV

Our Brett Project series is the exploration of how single strains of Brettanomyces ferment and condition a Saison malt bill. Each Brett Project will be fermented in and aged in wine barrels with a different Brettanomyces strain to showcase its unique characteristics. Brett Project #1 showcases a Brettanomyces strain isolated by our friend at BKYeast from Cantillon.

Without a doubt, these first three beers will be extremely sought after. So, you’re probably wondering where you can get them. Well, you’re going to have visit Perennial Artisan Ales (the current home of Side Project Brewing) on September 28th at 12PM when they open.

And if you’re looking into a deeper peek into Cory’s mind, here’s some beers we can expect in the near future:

Saison du Blé – Chardonnay barrel-aged Wheat Saison
Brett Project #1 with Lactobacillus
Brett Project #2 – Drie Fonteinen Brettanomyces
Brett Project #2 with Lactobacillus
Fuzzy – Blonde American Wild Ale fermented in Chardonnay barrels and aged with Missouri White Peaches
Blueberry Flanders – Flanders-style Red Ale fermented in Chambourcin barrels and aged with Michigan Blueberries



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