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Crider_FestLet’s get this out of the way. Yes, I work for 2nd Shift Brewing. But, I’ve always had a deep love for #Criderfest.  It’s always a great time with great breweries in attendance. Although we’ve moved from Cedar Creek, we’re trying to keep the spirit of the original 2nd Shift and Friends Beer Festival alive at our new location.

I’m happy to announce that the 777th Annual 2nd Shift and Friends Beer Festival will be taking place at our new home at 1601 Sublette Ave. this June 24th from 3pm-7pm. Here’s a look at the breweries and friends that are coming this year:

  •  4 Hands Brewing Co.
  •  18th St Brewery
  •  Against The Grain Brewery
  • Art Farm STL
  •  Artisan Cellars
  •  Augusta Brewing Co.
  •  Bell’s Brewery
  •  Blackberry Farm Brewery
  •  Boulevard Brewing Co.
  •  Brewminati
  •  Cathedral Square Brewery
  •  The Civil Life Brewing Co.
  •  Crane Brewing
  •  Crown Valley Brewery
  •  Desthil Brewery
  •  Dogfish Head Brewery
  •  Earthbound Beer
  •  Embrace The Funk
  •  Exit 6 Brewery
  •  Foeder Crafters of America
  •  Friendship Brewing Co.
  •  Heavy Riff Brewing Co.
  •  Logboat Brewing Co.
  •  Main & Mill Brewing Co.
  •  Mark Twain Brewing Co.
  •  Marz Community Brewing
  •  Memphis Made Brewing
  •  Mission Taco Joint
  •  Missouri Beer Co.
  •  Mother’s Brewing Co.
  •  Narrow Gauge Brewing Co.
  •  Odell Brewing Co.
  •  O’Fallon Brewery
  •  The OG Women’s Craft Collective
  •  Old Bakery Beer Co.
  •  One Trick Pony Brewing
  •  Oskar Blues Brewery
  •  Penrose Brewing Co.
  •  Perennial Artisan Ales
  •  Pinckney Bend Distillery
  •  Pipeworks Brewing
  •  Revolution Brewing
  •  Rock Bridge Brewing Co.
  •  Rockwell Beer Co.
  •  Salt + Smoke BBQ
  •  Scratch Brewing Co.
  •  Schlafly
  •  Schwerpunkt Brewing
  •  Shelton Brothers Importers
  •  Side Project Brewing
  •  Six Mile Bridge Beer
  •  Stag
  •  Square One Brewery
  •  STL Hops Homebrew Club
  •  Tallgrass Brewing Co.
  •  Toolbox Brewing Co.
  •  Transient Artisan Ales
  •  Two Plumbers Brewery
  •  Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.
  •  Wellspent Brewing Co.
  •  Wiseacre Brewing
  •  Yazoo Brewing Co.

Tickets for this year’s #Criderfest will be $40 in advance and $45 day of.  Stay tuned for more information about ticket sales (which will be announced very soon.)

2ndshiftlogoIsn’t fun to be a VIP? Any time you get that inside scoop or special access, you feel like a rock star.  2nd Shift Brewing is helping you feel like an insider as we’re doing a very special sneak preview of the new location tomorrow, June 9th starting at 6PM.

This isn’t going to be just any sneak preview, it’s going to be a party. Not only will you be able to view the new space, but it’s going to be a bottle release (more on that in a bit), we’re going to have beers on draught, and the Mission Taco Truck will be there to fill your belly.

As far as the bottle release goes, this will be your first opportunity to purchase the newest fruited version of Katy, Apricot Katy. You’ll also have the chance to purchase Annabelle, which I believe (and I don’t say this lightly) Steve Crider’s finest funky beer to date.  The newest version of Unicorn Killer will also be available for purchase as well.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ll have a killer line-up of beers on draught as well:

  • Brewcocky
  • Katy
  • Chaotic Insecure Delusions
  • Unicorn Killer
  • Hibiscus Wit
  • Art of Neurosis
  • Chateau la Douchebag
  • Blackberry Katy

So, we invite you out for this very special event.  We can’t wait to share our new home with you and this is just the first opportunity to do so.

2ndshiftlogoAlmost seven years ago we were holding a little bottle share at my house and my buddy Izek asked if it would be ok to invite his buddy out. He told me that this dude was building a new brewery in New Haven. I remember Steve Crider rolling up with a bunch of his beers and I can’t honestly remember if I had any that night.

But I do remember over the following months Steve tinkering with his flagship IPA over and over and over again. Each time he’d tweak it, he’d put it in front of us beer nerds until finally I remember telling him, “Knock it off, this beer is delicious.” That beer was aptly named “Art of Neurosis.”

That’s how my friendship with Steve Crider and 2nd Shift Brewing began. A little later I met this firebrand of a bartender at 33 Wine Bar. She was awesome and knowledgeable but also didn’t take any crap. She especially didn’t take any of Crider’s crap which is probably what drew him to her. That’s how I met Libby Crider née Brown.

Over the past six years, through thick and thin I’ve always had a soft spot for 2nd Shift, mostly because Crider makes some of the best beers in the area, but also because Steve and Libby are two of the most earnest and honest people I know.

Some of you may not know, but I accepted the position of operations manager at 2nd Shift in April. It’s been an exciting change and now that’s I’ve buried the lead long enough, one of the reasons 2nd Shift brought me on is because we’re (it’s so amazing to say “we” instead of “they”) is about to expand.

I’m happy to announce that 2nd Shift Brewing has signed a lease to move from our current home in New Haven to the historic Hill neighborhood in St. Louis. Our new home will be at 1601 Sublette Ave near the corner of Manchester and Sublette.

What does this mean?  All kinds of awesome stuff.  The first thing is that we’ll have our own tasting room in St. Louis. We can’t wait to be able to serve our beer to you over our own bar.  We can’t wait to have a space that is indicative of all of our own crazy personalities. And for all of you asking for swag, we’ll have it available on day 1.

This also means we’ll have space to brew more beer. We’re hoping to double production this year and continue to grow the brewery to a size that’s comfortable for us.  It also means that we’ll be investigating new packaging options very soon.

And probably most importantly, it means we get to be apart of an awesome and historic neighborhood. I asked local beer historian Don Roussin about the history of beer on the Hill and it turns out we’ll be the first brewery to be located on the Hill.  Given St. Louis’ long history with beer, I found this to be amazing.

I’m sure your last question will be, “When do you open?” I’m always reticent to give out any dates because as soon as you do, you’ll miss them. But our build out should be really minimal and the eternal pessimist Steve Crider is pretty positive that we’ll be open later this summer.

I can’t tell you how exciting we all are about this. It’s an expansion that’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait for you all to be part of it.


2ndshiftlogoWill power is a difficult thing. It’s difficult to buy a beer to put in your cellar and then… wait. We all have good intentions when we try to put together a cellar, but, that’s delicious beer just sitting there, wanting to be opened!

No one is judging you. In fact, I’d argue you’re doing the right thing, beer is meant to be drank. But what if you want to try a vertical of beer, then that’s going to take some will power and space to hold onto beer.

That is unless you let Exit 6 do the heavy lifting for you. This Saturday, April 23rd Exit 6 in Cottleville will be hosting an event where they will be selling bottles of 2nd Shift Brewing Mullineaux 2-5 and also Grace 1-4.  (Oh and they’ll also have Grace 4 on draft as well.)

Each bottle will be sold to-go and each bottle will be specially numbered. Three lucky bottles will win someone a Brewer for a Day with owner Steve Crider.  Already have a cellar full of 2nd Shift? No worries, they’ll also be some raffle tickets available to purchase (with proceeds going to charity) for two additional winners.

Not only do you not have to put forth the time and effort to cellar beer, but you also have a chance to win a very exciting contest. Oh, I’m also hearing that Steve Crider will be on hand to sign bottles.  The event starts at 6PM, don’t miss out on this very fun event.

2ndshift-peachkaty-chateauLooking for that extra special gift for that beer lover in your life? Or maybe you’re just looking for a little special thanks to that Christmas bonus you’ve received?

Well, 2nd Shift Brewing is looking to help you spend that hard earned cash by providing you with a couple of cool beers to purchase. This Thursday, December 17th at 4PM you’ll be able to purchase two rare beers at the Perennial Artisan Ales tasting room.

2nd Shift will be releasing 750ml bottles of Peach Katy and Chateau La Douchebag. Each bottle will set you back $20 each. Quantities per person are to be determined. And to add a bit to the excitement, there will be draft of both beers available at 4PM as well.

This will be a very limited release and could possibly sell out fast, so don’t miss out on this very special release.

sideprojectcellarI was sipping on a beer last night from a 6-pack that I paid $19 for and all I could think was, “This is certainly a tasty beer, but we’re pretty lucky to have breweries that produce beers of equal deliciousness in our own backyard.” It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come over the past ten years.

Two of those breweries that are making super tasty beers are 2nd Shift Brewing and Side Project Brewing. To celebrate that tastiness, Side Project Cellar is throwing a party.

Today, beginning at 4pm, SPC will be putting on new beers every hour featuring some of the best beers that 2nd Shift and Side Project have to offer.  Here’s the list:

4pm: 2nd Shift / Side Project Collaboration P.A.R.K.A.S. and Side Project / 2nd Shift Collaboration Lattice

5pm: 2nd Shift Peach Katy and Side Project Abricot du Fermier Blend #2

6pm: 2nd Shift Bourbon Barrel-Aged LSD and Side Project 2 Candles

7pm: A Fun Surprise!

Skip that Christmas shopping and swing by the Cellar to celebrate having some delicious and unique beers in our backyard.

IMG_4338Last year STL Hops had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with 2nd Shift Brewing to create one of my favorite styles, a wheatwine. 2nd Shift was so happy with the beer they’ve decided to make this release an annual tradition.

I’m happy to announce that the 2015 version of I Am Become Death wheatwine is either now (or soon to be available) in St. Louis.  The recipe, which was devised by STL Hops Homebrew Club Supreme Overlord Troy Meier, remains the same.

In keeping with a new year, we have a new label as well.  This year’s label was once again created by my friend Mike Atwood previously of Hoosier Beer Geek fame and now 38th in charge at Sun King Brewery.  It’s a fantastic label and Mike is very happy with how it turned out.

I Am Become Death is a collaboration between friends and something we’re all very proud of.  You should start seeing it around town as early as today. Let us know what you think.