sybergs.jpgRic Syberg, one of the Culinary Directors at Whole Foods in Brentwood, has also taken on the task of being the beer buyer for Syberg’s on Gravois. Ric has done all of us beer nerds the favor of adding some new beer to the Syberg’s menu. He’s added beers such as Rouge Dead Guy Ale, Bells Two Hearted Ale and (correct me if I’m wrong) two beers (thank you Dave) one beer I’ve never seen on a local beer menu here in St. Louis: Goose Island Imperial IPA and Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

At 5 bucks per 12oz bottle retail, I’m kind of curious to see how much Syberg’s is planning to sell the Goose Island beers for. More important is that us beer nerds make the effort to patronize the location and show them that when they care about beer, we care about them.