First the good news, Greg Koch of the Stone Brewing Company out of San Diego, California will be visiting St. Louis this Thursday, April 15th.  Now, the bad news, he’s not here to announce Stone’s arrival in St. Louis.

Greg will be in town for the local Master Brewers Association meeting (which is not open for the public).  Because he’ll be in town, he’ll be swinging by the Schlafly Tap Room around 10PM, after the meeting lets out.

Now, I know that’s kind of late and it’s a school night, but it would be awesome if a ton of us were to show up to show him just how passionate the St. Louis beer scene is.  I don’t know if it will get it here any faster, but if you’re interested in bringing Stone to St. Louis, I think showing him that we’re a group of diehard beer lovers is only going to help.

At minimum, you may get a Gregface picture taken with him.