stonefestivusNews today from Stone Brewing Company that they may be interested in opening a brewery in Europe.  I’m warning everyone right now that this is a completely reactionary post.

What the hell Stone?  I know, you want to come to Missouri, but the time just isn’t right.  You know that we want you, but you can’t support us.  But you keep dangling that carrot in front of us, “We’ll be there one day, we promise!”

But then we all hear about this new idea. It feels like a real kick in the gut for those of us that want Stone in St. Louis.  You can’t even keep up with demand in the US, but you’re looking at opening a brewery outside of the US?  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

I think I’m about tired of chasing that carrot. There are plenty of great breweries that actually made the effort to come to St. Louis and I’ll keep happily drinking them.  Have fun in Finland.