greenbus.gifI know a lot of you have been interested in visiting The Rotten Apple in Grafton, but are understandably afraid of making a 45 minute trip to Grafton after having a few beers.  So I thought the next best option would be to rent a bus and have it cart us up to Grafton and safely back to St. Louis after we’ve had a couple of beers.

So, the plan at this moment is to visit the Apple on Sunday, November 16.  The bus would leave a mutually chosen location at 11AM and we’d be back about 4PM. We’re even allowed to bring some beer on the bus with us.  The cost of the bus is $511.25.  So to make this cost efficient we would need about 40 people to make it about 13 bucks a person.  So, should I start selling tickets at $13 and hope that we get 40 people? Can this be pulled off?