stable.jpgThis is just a reminder to all of you that the STL Hops Meet-Up will be occurring Tuesday, September 30th at The Stable. Here’s the original post on the Meet-Up:

Basically we’re all meeting up for food, beer and a chance to meet up with people who love beer as much as you.

You’re responsible for your own tab (food and beer) and I believe we can even do some beer tasting toward the end of the evening, we’ll need to have that cleared up by someone from The Stable (Jesse, Jerad?) The last time was a lot of fun and I think these events allow us to visit places in the area that really care about beer.

Also, a little added surprise. Laura Dale from Boulevard Brewery has donated a few bottles of the Brett-Saison and Bourbon Barrel Quad for our enjoyment. So this is your chance to try these two beers before they hit the shelves this week. As for doing some sampling, I’d ask that we do a fair share of eating and drinking before we start breaking anything out. I don’t think Jesse and Jerad will have an issue with this. But I’ll try and confirm for sure.

Hope to see you all at 6:30PM (or whenever you can show up) tomorrow.

Update: We’ve been given the go ahead to bring a few beers to taste after the dinner has finished. Two small requirements, we obviously need to keep this tasting on the down-low from normal patrons and also we need to make sure things don’t get out of hand (though I’m not concerned about this.)

Update 2: We’ll have the in the “outdoor” patio area all to ourselves.  Make sure to stop by.