I have to say, this whole experiment is very interesting.  First of all, we’ve had almost 7o00 votes.  Now, I know what kind of numbers STL Hops generates and while I’m happy with the number of people that read this site, it’s not anything near 3500 people.  Not even close.  So, I’m guessing the fix is in!  But, like I said, this is all for fun and wasn’t meant to be a serious competition, so I honestly don’t care that much.

If you’re a brewery or brewpub and you want to rally the troops to have your beer win, then all’s fair.  So, the results of Round 2 were pretty surprising.  I honestly thought we’d see at least a single Mattingly beer in the Sweet Sixteen or maybe even the Elite Eight, but all of them knocked out last round?  Completely surprising.

Sure, I could see Mattingly losing to 5-Day (a Final Four beer for sure) but to lose to Square One – Park Ave Pale Ale or Tin Mill – Skyscraper?  And this isn’t to disparage those beers, but I haven’t really ever heard anything about them from regulars here, so it came as a bit of a shock to me.

But I digress, we’re now down to Sixteen beers and we’ve got some really big match-ups.  Schlafly’s Barrel Aged Imperial Stout versus Schlafly Oak-Aged Barleywine is probably going to be the most interesting match-up.  I honestly think that the IS will crush the Barleywine, but if this competition has done anything it’s proved me wrong.

But Round 3 has started. Time to get voting!

(If you can’t see the poll below, click on this link to visit the website hosting it.)