stable.jpgWell, the votes were cast and the winner of this month’s STL Hops meet-up location is The Stable. I talked to Jesse Jones of The Stable last night and he said, “bring them down!” So on Tuesday, September 30 at 6:30 PM, we’ll all be meeting down at The Stable for drinks and food. As I guess I’m the Prince of Parties on this one let me just kind of give everyone an idea of what to expect. Basically we’re all meeting up for food, beer and a chance to meet up with people who love beer as much as you.

You’re responsible for your own tab (food and beer) and I believe we can even do some beer tasting toward the end of the evening, we’ll need to have that cleared up by someone from The Stable (Jesse, Jerad?) The last time was a lot of fun and I think these events allow us to visit places in the area that really care about beer.  If you could do me one favor and answer this poll with your intention of coming or not, just to give The Stable a heads up: