stlhopsfacebook.jpgIt took some kicking, and some screaming and a lot of peer pressure, but I guess I’ve entered the 21st century and I’ve joined Facebook.  That being said, now that I’ve joined, I actually like it.  My only experiment with social networking before this was MySpace, which completely turned me off as it always felt really juvenile, loud and obnoxious.  So I’ve just avoided all social networking, until now. If you’re into clean, fast, ways of connecting or reconnecting with friends but were turned off by the other sites, join Facebook.

Now that the advertising is over, I’m proud to announce that STL Hops and Facebook have joined together to create STL Hops Facebook Group (Ok, I just created a group, but the office thing sounded better.) So if you’re a new member or current member of Facebook, make sure to join the group and show your support for your favorite local beer website.