itap.jpgCan you believe it’s almost been a year?  As of January 31st, the International Tap House will be a year old.  That’s a huge accomplishment for a new business.

The best part is they’re planning on putting on a ton of parties to celebrate their birthday. Maybe I’m just partial, but I think the best party of all is that they’re putting on an STL Hops Draft Party!

What’s an STL Hops Draft Party you ask?  Well, it’s a thank you from Brad and Sean to STL Hops for helping to make iTAP so successful.  The way they’re thanking us is pretty awesome.

You guys get to pick what beers are going on draft. They’re giving us 35 tap handles to put whatever beer we want on for the party. Basically, it’s your chance to own your own bar for a night.

What would you do if you had 30 different beers to pick for your own bar?  Wait, didn’t I just say 35?  I did, but we’re going to run a contest starting tomorrow which will allow one reader to pick any 5 beers they want. Stay tuned for that.

So, the best way for STL Hops to pick the beers is for each person to list 3 beers they’d like to see in the comment section below.  A couple of rules:

  • Obviously you can’t pick beers from breweries that don’t distribute in Missouri. (Stone, Dogfish Head, etc.)
  • Some beers aren’t available on draught. (La Fin Du Monde comes immediately to mind.)
  • We can’t always get what we want. (They can try to get it in, but no promises.)

This party will be taking place on Saturday, February 6th from 4PM-7PM.  I’ll post more information as I get it.  Start suggesting away and we’ll all own the bar for one night.