Readers of STL Hops probably have figured out by now that I’m pretty obsessed with Three Floyds Brewing out of Munster, IN. If you’ve ever had some of their beers you’ll quickly realize why my obsession took root. Because of my sickness, I decided to attend Dark Lord Day 2008. If you’re unaware of what Dark Lord Day is, once a year Three Floyds brews a Russian Imperial Stout named Dark Lord and it’s only sold on Dark Lord Day. People (like me) travel from miles around to buy the beer.

But what makes the event so much fun is that it’s a huge gather of beer nerds that get together to not only buy the beer, but bring beer to taste and trade. You can’t swing a dead cat without having someone offer you something from around the country to taste that you’ve never had before.


This is the front of the line, people were mingling, sharing some beer and trying to stay warm. It was about a balmy 45 degrees on Saturday morning.


This is how long the line was at about 10:30AM.


When the doors opened, there was a mad rush to get in and get the beer. But everyone was very polite and it was nice being able to talk beer with people from around the country. I saw license plates from California and New York.


The first shot is of the inside of the brewery. The second shot is of a tractor trailer that doubles as Nick Floyd’s office and spare bedroom.


Once you got inside you were instructed to visit one of 6 different tables and choose your beer. You paid your cash and hugged your box now full of beer.


There were also plenty of guest beers from around the country to be had as well.


There were lines everywhere, for instance, this one was for buying a glass of beer.


This was the Dark Lord line at about 1PM. Unfortunately for everyone in it, it never seemed to move.


My parting shot of Three Floyds before I left. I had a great time even if it was a bit chilly. But then again I was one of the lucky ones who got Dark Lord. To get the idea just how massive this line was, I suggest you visit Hoosier Beer Geek and see their wonderful illustration. Matt from Matt’s Beer Blog also attended and had some interesting insights as well. I want to thank both of them for securing my place in line. Without them I might have been one of the people left out in the cold.