STLHops_ShadedTomorrow brings us to the STL Hops 8th Anniversary Party, I thought I’d give you a little update on the eats and drinks that will be available on Saturday evening. It should be a great time and I’m pretty excited about what’s in store. First up, the eats.

The Baileys’ Restaurants make some amazing food and will be selling food to enjoy during the party.  We will also have an area downstairs for people who’d like to sit and enjoy their meal and a beer.

Parking!  As we all know, parking downtown can sometimes be a bit tricky.  Luckily I found a map detailing some areas to park near the venue. (Please note that any area that doesn’t have a price does not currently offer parking.)


Don’t want to deal with parking and want to get home safely?  Our friends at Uber have provided us with a code that gives you $20 off your FIRST RIDE! The code is STLHOPS and it expires after the first 1000 people use it or June 1st, whichever comes first.

Next up, a few do’s and don’ts of the party:

  • Don’t crash the party. We’ll have bouncers and wristbands, so if we see you drinking and you don’t have a ticket, we’ll kindly ask you to leave.
  • Do bring your wallet. We received a ton of AMAZING swag this year, so bring some money along (a check book or credit card wouldn’t hurt for the silent auction) with you as this is for two great causes: Stray Rescue of St. Louis and St. Louis Bulldog Rescue.
  • Don’t bring your own beer. We have A LOT of beer, so no bringing your own bottles of homebrews or commercial beers please.
  • Do bring growlers.  We will probably have a bunch of beer left after this event and we’ll let you fill up a growler for a $10 donation per growler. Bridge will also be selling growlers for $15 (which will include the glass and beer) to donate back to the party. Respect the local breweries that want to take their beer back though.
  • Don’t bring your own glass. Glassware is provided this year.
  • Do eat some food! There will be plenty of food options, so let’s support the Bailey restaurants.
  • Don’t puke. If I see you puke, it means you can’t handle yourself and we’ll kindly ask you to leave.
  • Do be safe. Make sure to have a sober ride home after this event.  We have a lot of big beers and we want you to attend the next party.
  • Do have a great time. Unless your idea of a great time includes puking, then I ask that you stay home.

Here are the beers the STL Hops Homebrew Club will be providing tomorrow:

1. Paul – Whiskey BA Vanilla RIS (random tapping, about 2 gallons), brett beer.
3. Steve A – Dry Hopped Rye Barleywine
4. Rick – Vanilla Imperial Stout
5. Amy – Deep Ellum Double Brown clone (Oatmeal Baltic Porter)
6. Doc – Raspberry Berliner
7. Kyle – Mixed Fermentation Saison
8. Troy – Bretta Sang #2 (yes, that Bretta Sang, homebrew)
9. Sean – Porter
10. John/Troy – IPA
11. Robert – Cascade Pale w/Orange zest and Coriander

If you want to sneak a peek at this year’s program, here you go!

If I didn’t make this clear, we are SOLD OUT. Please do not crash. Please do be safe and make sure you have a sober driver. We will be able to accept credit cards for all purchases this evening!

Thank you all for coming, it’ll be a great time.