STLHops_ShadedWe’re getting down to the  nitty gritty, it’s time to check out the Round 4 match-ups. (Click here for all the Round 5 results)

2nd Shift Art of Neurosis continues its domination beating 4 Hands Centennial Red 88.1% to 11.9%. Schlafly Pumpkin had a tougher match-up facing off against (and beating) Urban Chestnut Zwickel 57.3% to 42.7%.  In the other match-ups 2nd Shift Katy ended the fantastic run by Charleville Box of Chocolates and Perennial Abraxas took out Schlafly Coffee Stout.

The final four consists of Art of Neurosis taking on Katy while Schlafly Pumpkin will take on Abraxas. If I were a betting man, I’m thinking we’re going to see Art of Neurosis take on Abraxas in the finals. But never say never.

These match-ups run through Monday, so go out and vote for your favorites.

Round Dates
Round 4 – Mon Mar 31
Round 5 – Thu Apr 3
Championship – Mon Apr 7

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