stlhopswikiHoly cow, round 4 of the STL Hops St. Louis Beer Challenge is upon us and we’re in kooky town because this tournament is cray.

After a loss in last year’s championship match 2nd Shift Art of Neurosis came back this year to take down the two-time champion Schlafly AIPA. And to prove they’ve got the hoppy bracket all locked down 2nd Shift Brew Cocky whooped up on 4 Hands Divided Sky. We’re now down to two 2nd Shift IPAs to beat up on each other.

In another huge match, the 2nd Shift Katy continues its dominance by taking down Perennial Saison de Lis. Katy now goes up again 4 Hand Pyrus after Pyrus handed Perennial Savant Beersel a loss.  Civil Life American Brown keeps up its winning ways and now will have a tough battle this round against the juggernaut known as Perennial Abraxas.

While Schlafly couldn’t get a win in the hoppy bracket, they’ve got the wildcard bracket all locked up with Schlafly Kolsch facing off against Schlafly Pumpkin. This tournament is going to get ever wackier as we go through these final rounds, so make sure to vote for your favorites below.

Round Dates

Round 4 – Mon April 1
Final Four – Thu April 4
Championship – Mon April 8

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