stlhopswikiHere you go folks, the Final Four is now upon us. We’ve whittled it down from 64 different local beers to get down to these big four.

Schlafly AIPA had its biggest challenge yet, facing the Perennial Abraxas and while it was closer than any competition the AIPA has had yet, Abraxas couldn’t seal the deal and AIPA moved on. Another heated battle raged between Schlafly APA and newcomer Civil Life Rye Pale. The APA is certainly the old dog in this competition, but it still had plenty of fight, taking down the Rye Pale.

But, that doesn’t mean Civil Life is out of the competition just yet. The Civil Life American Brown won a grueling battle up against Urban Chestnut’s Hopfen which did very well last year as well. And in a double-up brewery battle, 2nd Shift’s Art of Neurosis took down it’s brother Brew Cocky.

So, what do we know about Round 5? Well, for starters we know that Schlafly will automatically have one beer in the finals as the AIPA will be facing APA in round 5. We will also have two up-starts facing off against each other as Civil Life’s American Brown goes up against 2nd Shift’s Art of Neurosis.

We now have three different breweries representing the last four spots of this tournament, this is truly exciting stuff. Go out and vote for your favorites!

Round Dates:
Round 5 – Thu Mar 29
Championship – Mon Apr 2

So, good luck to everyone and have fun! (If you can’t see the poll below, click on this link to visit the website hosting it.)