stlhopswikiWe’re now down to the Elite 8. This is certainly getting down to the nitty gritty of the tournament. Last round saw the battle of two different breweries facing off against themselves. The good is that you know you’re guaranteed one beer in the 4th round, the bad is that you’re eliminating a beer that could potentially beat another brewery.

Not surprisingly, the Schlafly AIPA continues to put up crazy big numbers, but I think it will have its first real challenge this round when it faces off against newcomer Perennial’s Abraxas Stout. If you’ve been following closely, you’ve noticed that Abraxas has also put up some powerhouse numbers. So, this should be one hell of a competition.

The closest matchup of round 3 has certainly got to be 4 Hand Brewing’s Warhammer Imperial IPA up against Schlafly APA. Schlafly APA has always fared well in this competition. Schlafly absolutely had a fantastic competitor with Warhammer, but APA ended up squeaking out a narrow win.

Round 4 will see a blockbuster showdown as 2nd Shift Brewing has two beers facing off against each other after Brew Cocky took out last year’s co-champion Buffalo Brewing Rye IPA and Art of Neurosis beat up on Six Row’s Extra Pale Ale. It’ll be interesting to see which of 2nd Shift’s hoppy beers reigns supreme.

We now have five different breweries representing the last eight spots of this tournament. Go out and vote for your favorites!

Round Dates:
Round 4 – Mon Mar 26
Round 5 – Thu Mar 29
Championship – Mon Apr 2

So, good luck to everyone and have fun! (If you can’t see the poll below, click on this link to visit the website hosting it.)