stlhopswikiWelcome to the STL Hops 2010 St. Louis Beer Challenge! With March Madness starting today, I thought it would be fun to have a contest to see how local beers would do in a tournament. Thanks to an influx of new breweries, we now have a tournament featuring beers from within 50 miles of downtown St. Louis.

Now, a few things. First, don’t make any judgment about the rankings. I just randomized it and then did a bit of sorting so a brewery didn’t face off against itself in the first round. Second, I tried doing my best pulling out 64 beers, but I’m sure I missed a few breweries or beers. Sorry if I missed you, it wasn’t on purpose.

Third, you’ll notice I didn’t include Schlafly AIPA, the reason being is that we’ve yet to try the bottled product and I kind of stuck to Schlafly bottled beers. Fourth, don’t take this too seriously, it’s just for fun.

Round Dates:
Round 1 – Thu Mar 18
Round 2 – Mon Mar 22
Round 3 – Thu Mar 25
Round 4 – Mon Mar 29
Round 5 – Thu Apr 1
Championship – Mon Apr 5

So, good luck to everyone and have fun! (If you can’t see the poll below, click on this link to visit the website hosting it.)