Round 3 of the STL Hops 2010 St. Louis Beer Challenge proved to have some dominating victories but also had a couple of close match-ups.

Square One may have stayed alive by taking out the Schlafly #15 in round two, but couldn’t get past the juggernaut that is Schlafly Kolsch. O’Fallon’s 5 Day IPA continues its domination and easily dances into Round 4.

We’re now at the Elite 8 and we’re down to just three breweries.  We have Schlafly’s APA facing off against O’Fallon’s newest kid on the block, the Hemp Hop Rye.  We also have Buffalo facing off against itself, in a huge match-up between the Rye IPA and the Buffalo Tail IIPA.  Must be a nice feeling to know at least one of your beers is going to reach the final four.

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