schlaflytbn.gifIf you’re not a fan of lowbrow, childish humor, I’m going to stop you right here. This isn’t to imply that Schlafly’s Stephen Hale is some sort of vulgar comedian, but that The Brewing Network‘s Sunday Session has been known to turn a few people off on occasion. I often liken TBN’s Sunday Session as morning radio for the brewing crowd. So if you’re down for some great brewing information and knowledge and the occasional dick joke, then The Brewing Network is the place for you (and me, I love lowbrow humor.)

With that disclaimer out there, I’m happy to announce that Schlafly’s Stephen Hale will be this week’s guest on The Sunday Session. He’s going to talk Schlafly, the Reserve Series, and consistency. If you’ve never had the opportunity to talk to Stephen, then this show will be a real treat, he’s a card. The program airs live, online at 7PM. I expect Stephen to be on about 7:30-7:45. Don’t worry if you miss it, because all of the shows are archived for download later.

(09/14/2008) Update: Tonight’s show was postponed due to a death in the Brewing Network family.  My condolences to them.  The show will be re-scheduled in the near future.