Without a doubt, canned craft beers are one of the hottest segments of this already hot business. We’ve even seen a couple of other local breweries (Schlafly and O’Fallon) jump on board and can a couple of their best-selling beers. But both of them have to contract their canned beers out to other breweries as they don’t currently have the equipment to do this in-house. (This is a standard practice by the way, a lot of breweries do this with no hit to quality or taste.)

No one has canned craft beer here in St. Louis, until now. I’m happy to report that Morgan Street Brewery has purchased a canning line and will begin putting some of their most popular beers into cans.

Allow me to jump into “distributor mode” here for a second and explain why this is so important to a local brewery. Draft beer is awesome. It’s typically cheaper than packaged beer for the consumer, it’s easier to maintain, it’s easier to clean and fill kegs. But what can’t it get you? Enjoyment in your own home (unless you’re lucky enough to own a kegerator.)

Packaged beer (like bottles and cans) allow people to enjoy your beer wherever they want. The moment you can offer an easy package that can be enjoy at home, you’ll begin selling more and more beer. This is a great thing for everyone.

Morgan Street knows this, they also know that cans are the wave of craft beer. So, they jumped on board and will begin having beer in cans very, very soon. What beers you ask? How about their five-time award winning Golden Pilsner, along with that they’ll be serving up their 2012 Great American Beer Fest bronze-winning Black Bear, and also their always popular Honey Wheat.

We should begin seeing this on store shelves soon. Very exciting, can’t wait to enjoy a Golden Pilsner at home.