stlhopslogosmall.gifSo the results are in and the top four breweries in the St. Louis Next Top Brewer poll are:

What does this mean to us?  It means that these are among four of the breweries that you’d most like to see in St. Louis.  The next question is, how do you make that happen?

Simple, you contact them.  Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place has showed his email prowess before with Moylans and we helped to bring Founders here.  Now we need to do it again.  You want Three Floyds here? You want Deschutes?  You want Oskar Blues?

Email them.  Call them.  I’ve listed the emails below.  Be nice, be kind, but you need to be passionate.  We need to show them that St. Louis, Kansas City, all of Missouri want their beer here.  Trust me, if they can see that they can survive in the land of AB, they’ll come.

Will they come tomorrow or even this year?  Maybe not.  But they’ll know we’re here and we want to drink their beer.  Do your part to make this happen and maybe soon we’ll toast each other with a beer from one of these breweries.

I would prefer that you not use a stock letter to email these guys, but if it makes your life easier, try something like this:

Dear <Insert Brewery Here>,

I want to send you an email to let you know just how much I enjoy <Insert Brewery Here> beer.  I’ve always found that you guys produced some of the best beer in the United States.  I’m currently located in St. Louis, Missouri and I think you beer would be a great fit for our city.

St. Louis and Kansas City both have rich beer history and your product would only help to continue that image.  Please consider coming to Missouri soon!


STL Hops Reader.