menuTired of places like New York and San Francisco hogging all of the beer glory, I’ve decided that St. Louis needs its own craft beer celebration.   So with that thought in mind I’ve decided to start St. Louis Craft Beer Week.  This will be a week long event beginning on May 30th and culminating on June 5th and 6th with the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival.

My idea is to provide at least a single event each night of the week for St. Louis beer fans to attend.  What will this all entail?  I’m not entirely sure yet.  But my hope is that maybe it’s draught beer specials if it’s a bar.  Maybe it’s a beer dinner if it’s a restaurant.  Maybe it’s something more interactive, like inviting a local brewer out to drink and have a discussion.  I’ve even contacted a local pub about doing a trivia night with nothing but beer related questions.

As with all things dealing with money, I realize this could easily get political.  But as many of you know I have absolutely no dog in this race which means I have no hidden objective with this.  All I want is more people exposed to the great beer St. Louis has to offer and every restaurant, bar, retail shop, brewery, etc. is one cog in that big machine.

San Francisco has over 150 events over 9 days.  While I don’t think we have the population or interest to pull something like that off, I’d like to think that one day we could.  My goal is that we have at least a single event each night of the week and with the help and support of the STL Hops readers I think we’ll get there.

I sent out an email to about 50 people in the area, if you’re a restaurant/bar, retail facility, distributor or brewery that didn’t get contacted, it’s because I accidentally forgot about you or didn’t have your email  If you’re interested please contact me at or