stlbrews.gifIf you’re looking at wanting to start judging beers or if you just want to have a greater understanding of the process of making and tasting beer, the Beer Judge Certification Program offers a great amount of information on the art of brewing. The St. Louis Brews homebrewing club will be offering a class to prepare you for the BJCP exam next January. If you have any questions about the classes, please contact Bob Beckmann “” 314-608-7590, or Dan Stauder “” 314-517-1121. Here’s the information about the classes:

BJCP Exam Class – This class is for anyone who is interested in studying and preparing for the BJCP exam. The class is open to anyone of any skill level (member of the Brews or not), as long as you have an interest in beer and would like to take the exam.

The class is taught by the students. As a student, you will be assigned a beer topic or two which you will research and present to the rest of the class. This will be something like “hops” or “mashing” or “recipe development”, etc.

Each student will also be assigned one or two beer styles. Again, the student will need to research that style in depth and present the information to the rest of the class. Included in this presentation will be samples of classic commercial examples which the class will taste and comment on.

More…If you take this class, it is assumed that you will be present to “teach” your topics, and it is assumed that you will take the exam.

Each class meeting will be supervised by someone who is an experienced brewer with substantial knowledge in the areas of discussion and who has already passed the BJCP exam.

Cost – There is no cost to St. Louis Brews members who wish to take this class. Non-members who take this class will need to pay $10 to cover the cost of copies, beers, crackers, etc.

Students will have the expense of providing copies of all the information they present so everyone will have that information for reference.

Also, all students will need to purchase beers representing the styles they are teaching to the class.

The BJCP charges $50 to take the exam the first time (and $30 for a re-take). Anyone taking the class will need to pay for the exam by the October 5 meeting.

The class will be held on Sunday nights (6:00 to 9:00) at The Tap Room.

The meeting dates are…

Sept 21
Sept 28

Oct 5
Oct 12
Oct 19
Oct 26

Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16

January 11 (Review Class)

No classes from Thanksgiving to New Years – We have enough going on then!

For those that have passed the exam and are looking for something a with a bit more teeth, they’re also offering an Advanced class as well:

Advanced BJCP Exam Class – This class is for anyone who has already taken the BJCP Exam and would like to improve your grade. This class will go into greater depth on each topic, with the goal of maximizing test points.

The style of class is the same (students presenting, students providing commercial examples, etc). Plus – each meeting will start with practice exam questions, followed by group grading of the answers

An additional requirement of the class will be to supervise at least one of the “Basic BJCP Exam Classes”, and to host at least one of the advance class meetings at your home.

Again, if you take this class, it is expected that you will be taking the exam.