It’s been a long journey, but the paperwork has been signed, officers elected and now the St. Louis Brewers Guild has officially become a not-for-profit entity in St. Louis. This idea, which started with Perennial Artisan Ale’s Cory King last spring, will help to unite the local brewers and also promote what the St. Louis brewers have achieved.

More than anything, this will be a promotional tool designed to get people talking about what beer in St. Louis means. One of the first things this group will take on will be the St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival. While the local breweries have always had a large hand in getting that festival put on, this will give them more opportunity to not only promote the new guild but also the St. Louis region as a whole.

Many things, like a website and a logo, are still in progress but we should start hearing more and more news come out from this group soon. There is a Twitter account (@STLBrewersGuild), which I’m sure will get plenty of use in the coming weeks. In the mean time, here are the elected officers for the STL Brewers Guild:

President: Cory King (Perennial Artisan Ales)
Vice President: Steve Neukomm (Square One Brewing)
Treasurer: Florian Kuplent
Secretary: James ‘Otto’ Ottolini