With all of the new breweries popping up around St. Louis, it’s interesting to see that a couple of local breweries are looking at making some changes.   We first heard about a possible sale of Schlafly in a report from the St. Louis Business Journal way back in June.

Well, the Post-Dispatch reports today that the sale is looking more and more likely and we could possibly see a change in ownership this year:

St. Louis Brewery founders Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman said this week they expect negotiations to pick up speed in April, with a formal transaction possibly taking place this year.

Then comes shocking news today from the Post-Dispatch’s Evan Benn that O’Fallon Brewery is also looking to sell to local investors:

“We are having conversations with a number of investors who have signed confidentiality agreements, and we’re hoping to find an injection of cash to help fund our growth,” says Caradonna, who runs the brewery along with her husband, Tony Caradonna.

While the Schlafly sale doesn’t worry me, for reasons I laid out way back in June, the O’Fallon news did catch me off guard and it’s always concerning when you hear the words “cash-strapped” being thrown around.

I honestly hope for the best because O’Fallon has always been a great asset to the St. Louis beer community and it would be a shame if they just disappeared.