sq1r-y-cropped-small-web-view-150x150Time flies when you’re brewing beer.  Square One Brewery and Distillery is turning eight years old and plans on celebrating by throwing a party today, Wednesday, February 26th beginning at 4PM.

Square One will be throwing quite the shindig by offering up free giveaways, appetizers and drink specials during the party. Titillating, isn’t it?

But the fun doesn’t stop there, they also will be featuring Barrel Aged Barley Wine, (a 2012 vintage Barley Wine which has spent the last 12 months in a bourbon barrel), Barrel Aged Septangential (their 2013, 7th Anniversary Lager, which has also spent the last 12 months in a bourbon barrel) and Ochofabuloso (their 8th Anniversary Ale, an American dark, dry-hopped IPA.)

Do me a favor, just don’t try and have eight glasses of Ochofabuloso today, OK?