sq1r-y-cropped-small-web-viewSquare One Brewery is releasing a very special beer to help celebrate St. Louis Craft Beer Week, they’re calling it their Sour Cherry Beer.  Head brewer Dr. John Witte sent me a description of the beer:

Brewed 3 years ago as a Tripel, then refermented with sour cherries and inoculated with a Belgian lambic blend of yeasts and bacteria.  The beer was left on the cherries and pits for 8 months and then racked off into kegs, half on oak, half all stainless.

Prior to carbonating, we blended the two back together and then blended again with a recent batch of tripel.  Very tart and has sharp cherry flavors along with a hint of nuttiness (from the pit) in the finish.

One of the neatest parts about this beer is that during happy hour, Monday through Friday this week, they’ll be pairing this beer with brie and a stilton cheese to show off the amazing power of pairing beer with cheese.

I’ve been told there isn’t very much of this beer available, so if you’re a big fan of sour beers, I wouldn’t wait to try this beer out.