This is the time of the year where you’re going to see article after article giving you advice on what beer pairs best with Thanksgiving dinner.  It’s a noble effort.  When beer pairings are done well, they can truly be works of art sending your taste buds on a majestic journey.

But I’m going to give a piece of advice that a lot of beer writers/bloggers are less likely to give: Drink what you want.

Instead of worrying and fretting over what beer will pair with not only the cranberry sauce but also the turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes (hint, there are things that go well with each, but nothing that pairs amazing with everything.) Just pick your favorite beer and enjoy.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything that we have to give thanks for.  For many of us, it can be about family, friends, and the company of others.  It’s perfectly fine just to sit back, enjoy your meal and just enjoy your favorite beer.

And while we’re at it, these family get-togethers are the perfect opportunity to introduce people to new beers.  This is the time to break out some of the beer you’ve been meaning to try but didn’t have that specific spot for it.  Who better to share some of your best beer with than the people you spend a holiday with?

Sure, they may not be some of your beer buddies, but that’s even better.  Instead of sitting there trying to analyze the beer, you can let someone who may not have had something this complex really experience what great beer is.

So, give thanks this holiday by freeing yourself from the shackles of constantly trying to pair beer with Thanksgiving. Sitting back and just enjoying a beer with friends and family is something truly to be thankful for.