sohaThe first time I met Tallgrass Brewing‘s owner Jeff Gill we were eating lunch at the always delicious Farmhaus. He was telling me about a brand new beer they were coming out with they named 8-Bit.

He explained it was going to be a juicy American Pale Ale with a big tropical fruit aroma and flavor thanks to Galaxy hops.  And while the beer sounded delicious on paper, what hooked me is when he described the can.

He told me they were looking to make a retro video game can, with 8-bit graphics on the side.  I immediately was hooked.  I flat out told him it would be a hit.  And while the packaging looks great, the beer is even better.  So when Tallgrass’ sales rep Jordan Luster told me about the bigger version of 8-Bit, named 16-Bit, I knew I wanted to try it.

Well, you’ll have your opportunity today when South Hampton Bar and Grill releases cans of 16-Bit when the bar opens. Every can of Tallgrass that gets purchased has a chance of winning a pair of tickets to Microfest! So, go enjoy some new beer in a retro way today at SoHa.