Just in time for your favorite summer activities, I’m happy to announce the Ska Brewing out of Durango, Colorado will soon be arriving in Missouri.

I’ve been informed that the beer is currently in the process of being registered with the State and that we should hopefully see it in local stores this summer.

Some of Ska’s offering include:

True Blonde Ale
Like golden waves of yeast crashing on a golden beach of golden sand with golden taps spewing golden beer that’s smooth as gold.

Ten Pin Porter
Dark like motor oil on a Minnesota night, it rolls down your gullet like a calming stream full od rich and tasting malt.

Modus Hoperandi
A mix of Citrus and pine that will remind you of the time you went on a vision quest with your Native American cousin and woke up in a pine-grove full of grapefruit trees.

Special ESB

This English Special Bitter is our special ale.  Special because it was the second canned microbrew in the nation (after Dale’s Pale Ale).  Special bevause the Galena hops and Pale Ale malts create a crisp first sip, a hoppy tongue, and a malty sweet finish.

As some of you may know, one of Ska’s claims to fame is that the can some of their beers like the Modus Hoperandi and the Special ESB. These are perfect for places that don’t allow you to use glass, like parks, parades and float trips.

The list of great craft beer in a can available in St. Louis keeps growing and growing.