SixRow_logoI don’t care if we’re just “faking” cask ale in America, I think it’s pretty damned delicious.  I’ll also admit that I’ve never had the “real” thing, so I have no comparison.  But, I’ve yet to meet a cask of beer I didn’t like.

And let’s face it, if you have a beer that’s hop forward, that’s when the cask really takes something great and turns it into something extraordinary.  So, it’s on that note that I’m happy to announce that Six Row Brewing Company will be offering up a special version of their Centennial Rye tonight that they’ve dubbed: Centennial Drye.

Why the name change for this cask?  It’s because they’ve dry-hopped it with a bit more Centennial hops, to give it a bigger hop aroma and flavor.  Here’s a description of the standard Centennial Rye:

Much like an American-Style wheat beer, light, crisp, and refreshing, but with a twist-the use of rye malt, adding a nice, almost tart character to this seasonal brew. Unlike an IPA, it uses its namesake hop, Centennial, to add a citrus and grapefruit finish without overpowering the subtle spiciness of the rye. Perfect for warmer weather!

(ABV: 6.5%, Bitterness Units: 27 IBUs, Color: 5 SRM, Original Gravity: 13.7 Degrees Plato)

With a couple of other beer events going on, tonight sounds like a great night for a Midtown beer geek gauntlet.