SixRow_logoGod, I love everything that’s been happening with the local beer community. It seems like a week doesn’t go by where you don’t have some sort of special event taking place. In this case the Six Row Brewing Company will be holding a special cask event next Thursday, November 4th starting at 6PM.

They’ll be serving up a dry-hopped cask of their of their Double IPA. Here’s a description of the beer:

“Bigger in hop bittering, alcohol strength, and hop character than a traditional India Pale Ale, Six Row Double IPA is sure to please even the most discerning hop-head! Also known as Imperial IPA, this intensely hoppy yet very drinkable beer lets the malty characteristics take a step back allowing the hops to really shine.

Brewed with almost two (2) pounds of hops per barrel and left unfiltered, the Six Row Double IPA showcases the citrusy and piney characteristics of the Columbus, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Served in a 10oz snifter. (ABV: 8.4%, Bitterness Units: 68 IBU’s, Color 8.0, Original Gravity: 18 degrees Plato)”

This may be one of the best beers being brewed in St. Louis right now, but that’s just my humble opinion. It’s just a great time to be a beer fan in St. Louis.