SixRow_logoDoes it feel like you have bugs crawling on your skin? Do you have chills and yet you can’t stop sweating? Gotta get that cask beer fix? Them you may want to head on over to Six Row Brewing Company tonight, Thursday, February 2nd starting at 5PM, to get up on a very special cask event.

Tonight, they’ll be serving up a special cask of their of their Dunkelweizen. For those of you that are looking for something different than the standard hoppy cask, this may be up your alley:

“Six Row’s Dunkelweizen is a gorgeous mahogany colored wheat beer with a rich melanoidin character from Munich malt. It has a slight spicy/fruity note which was carefully kept in check to maintain a nice balance with the malt. If a regular Weizen beer isn’t quite interesting enough for you, this is a great alternative.”

Dr. Firkin says that the only cure for cask withdrawal is a shot of Six Row. So, head on over tonight and get your medicine.