SixRow_logoLet’s be honest, there are few better combinations than bourbon and stout.  I don’t know what it is, but they just go hand and hand.  Throw in a little oak and not only does the oak compliment the already oak-y bourbon, but it also gives the stout a nice little vanilla tinge.

Well, lucky for us, the fine folks at Six Row Brewing Company decided to combine some oak and bourbon with their export stout to create a cask of Bourbon Oak Export Stout.  They’ll be holding a special cask event this Thursday, March 3rd starting at 5PM.

Here’s a description of the beer:

We used traditional English pale ale malt combined with a substantial amount of both Fuggle and Goldings hops to make this beer well balanced and easy to drink. One of the favorites of the brewers.” (ABV: 4.47%, Bitterness Units: 33.7 IBUs, Color: 8.1, Original Gravity: 11.63 degrees Plato)

So, make sure to head on out this Thursday to try this very special creation, it’s sure not to last long.