SixRow_logoDoes it feel like you have bugs crawling on your skin?  Do you have chills and yet you can’t stop sweating? Gotta get that bacon fix?    Them you may want to head on over to  Six Row Brewing Company tonight, Thursday, June 2nd, starting at 5PM, to get up on a very special cask event.

Tomorrow, they’ll be serving up a special cask of their of their newest, craziest creation, the Bacon Porter:

“Well, maybe not the whole hog, but a couple pounds of the belly, anyhow, curedand smoked – what most normal folks call bacon. As most of the carnivorousworld can attest, there are few good things that can’t be made better by addingbacon, and we believe beer is no exception. To prove that point, we’re goingto fill a fifth of a hogshead with our fine Robust Porter, cook up a small slab ofbacon that Baumann’s Fine Meats is preparing just for us, poke a sack of that piginto the cask to soak for a spell, and then tap it at 5PM on Thursday, June 2nd.

Come on down to Six Row (3690 Forest Park Ave.) that evening and it will be ourpleasure to pull you a pint of porked Porter, and maybe engage you with a fewawful puns. We’ll also be featuring some special bacon-centric food items on ourmenu that evening, so all in all it should be a strange, slightly smoky, and mostdefinitely un-kosher good time.

Dr. Simpson says that the only cure for bacon withdrawal is a shot of porcine porter. So, head on over to Six Row tonight and get your medicine.  And for more information about this crazy creation, be sure to check out the interview with Six Row’s headbrewer Evan Hiatt on the RFT Gut Check blog.