SixRow_logoIt probably makes me an ultra beer nerd, but not only do I have a favorite hop variety, but I also have a favorite adjunct grain. (Let’s be honest, have two ingredients probably doesn’t make me a huge beer nerd, but devoting an entire website to beer probably does.)

My favorite hop is Centennial and my favorite adjunct is rye.  So, one has to guess that Six Row Brewing Company‘s newest creation, the Centennial Rye has to be right up my alley, right?  Let’s look at the description and find out:

Much like an American-Style wheat beer, light, crisp, and refreshing, but with a twist-the use of rye malt, adding a nice, almost tart character to this seasonal brew. Unlike an IPA, it uses its namesake hop, Centennial, to add a citrus and grapefruit finish without overpowering the subtle spiciness of the rye. Perfect for warmer weather! (ABV: 6.5%, Bitterness Units: 27 IBUs, Color: 5 SRM, Original Gravity: 13.7 Degrees Plato)

Rye? Check.
Centennial hops? Check.

For those of us that love that spicy rye flavor and that floral Centennial hop aroma, it sounds like a real winner.  This beer is on tap right now, so head on in to Six Row and let everyone know what you think in the comments.