SixRow_logoIf you’re looking for some fun in between this lull of Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day, Six Row Brewing is releasing a few beers to help keep you out of the house this February:

Thursday, February 23rd – Six Row Foreign Extra Stout Released
Roasted barley, coffee, and dark fruit dominate the aroma of this high gravity version of the traditional dry stout. Originally brewed for tropical markets, the Foreign Extra Stout is easy drinking due to its light body and dry finish. Don’t let the pitch-black color fool you; this is truly a “session” ale good for any season.

Wednesday, February 29th – Six Row Kolsch Released
Six Row’s Kolsch is a bright, light-bodied, moderately hopped golden ale/lager hybrid beer. We ferment and age it at lower temperatures than most of our ales to make it especially smooth, clean and refreshing. “Crisp” and “spritzy” are words that might come to mind when you try it.

Thursday, March 1st – Baumanns Bacon Porter Cask
Well, maybe not the whole hog, but a couple pounds of the belly, anyhow, cured and smoked – what most normal folks call bacon. As most of the carnivorous world can attest, there are few good things that can’t be made better by adding bacon, and we believe beer is no exception. To prove that point, we’re going to fill a fifth of a hogshead with our fine Robust Porter, cook up a small slab of bacon that Baumann’s Fine Meats is preparing just for us, poke a sack of that pig into the cask to soak for a spell.

The days a re getting a bit longer, so that should help to keep you up and moving and Six Row is making it easier by putting on some great beers in the next week. Head on out and find out for yourself!