SixRow_logoChances are if you visit this blog you know that May 14-20 is American Craft Beer Week.  If you did not know this, don’t feel bad, Six Row Brewing Company has you covered. All events listed below begin at 5:00 PM unless noted otherwise.  The weeks events include:

Monday, May 14 

Small Batch Release of Fresh Strawberry Honey Weizen

Our Honey Weizen is an easy-drinking wheat beer made with a generous portion of honey from Missouri Honey in Florissant, Missouri! With a combination of white wheat malt, honey malt, and locally produced honey, the unfiltered Honey Weizen is a great example of a traditional wheat beer with a twist. It was delicious on its own, and now we’ve added fresh strawberries.

Tuesday, May 15

Cask of Peppercorn DIPA

The Peppercorn DIPA lost our Cask Beer Election by one measly vote back in March. It ran such a strong campaign, we had to reward it with a spot during American Craft Beer Week.

Wednesday, May 16

Cask of Liquorice Porter

You’ve tried our Porter flavored with Vanilla, Bacon, and Whiskey.  Now we have aged a cask with liquorice root to tantalize your taste buds.

Thursday, May 17

Large Batch Release of Bailene & Beer Pairing Special

The Bailene is our signature Whale style fermented with French Saison yeast. We released a small batch of Bailene last year that went over really well, so it is back and there is more for everyone!

We are still solidifying the menu for the Beer Pairing Special, but it will include a sample of four beers: Plant No. 1 Pilsner, Centennial Rye, Bailene, and Killer Whale. Instead of a formal dinner with a specific start time, it will be a special you can order off the menu while supplies last. It will be a more informal tapas style with all the courses coming out at once to be paired with the beers. We will post the menu and pricing as soon as those details are solidified.

Friday, May 18

Cask of Fresh Ginger Centennial Rye

Our Ginger Kolsch went over so well, we decided to similarly spruce up our Centennial Rye using fresh ginger.