With the explosion of new breweries in the St. Louis area, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the guys who help pave the way.  To help keep up with the demand, both Morgan Street Brewing and Six Row Brewing  have recently made upgrades to their brewhouses to help prepare for the future.

Both breweries have added new fermentation tanks, which is always the bottleneck of any brewery, which will allow them to increase the amount of beer they brew each year. Six Row’s upgrade will allow them to brew up to 4500bbls of beer each year while Morgan Street will be able to double their capacity to about 1400bbls.  Morgan Street’s expansion should be online next week and Six Row is scheduled to have their new tanks online by mid-August.

Expanding how much they brew will also these breweries to expand their market.  Both breweries are currently exploring the possibility of increasing their footprint to include Kansas City and Columbia. It’s awesome to see that growth of beer culture in St. Louis is not only about new breweries, but existing ones being successful as well.