The results are in and I’m proud to say that Missouri won the Short’s Brewing Vote Your Short’s distribution contest.  Here are the top ten:

1 MO 137 Up 2
2 MA 108 Up 2
3 OH 92 Down 2
4 PA 87 Down 2
5 MN 66 Up 1
6 IL 62 –
7 MI 59 Up 1
8 CA 54 Up 1
9 FL 50 Down 4
10 MD 45 –

But apparently it’s not quite over yet, according to Scott Newman-Bale of Short’s Brewery, they’re planning on leaving the voting open to be used as an analytical tool moving forward.  So if you haven’t voted, feel free to vote and get your friends to do the same.  It also looks like there will be one more final tournament later on pitting the top states against each other to determine an ultimate winner.  When that contest takes place, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

I want to thank everyone that reads this blog for participating.  It’s our continued passion for craft beer that’s going to keep getting us the best beers in the world available in Missouri.