A couple of months ago I received an email from Ally Nisbet, the owner of the Scottish Arms, thanking me for mentioning The Shaved Duck. The real shocking part to me was when Ally asked me to come by the Scottish Arms some time and talk about the beer list for the Shaved Duck. So on a cold Tuesday evening a few weeks ago, we (Ally, myself and one of Ally’s right hand men, Patrick Thomas) got together had some beers and discussed ideas for the new restaurants beer list.

They wanted their beer list to feature North American craft breweries. I thought this was a genius idea. America is one of the only beer brewing countries in the world that features all of the different styles of the world. Only in America will you find beers from German-style Pilsners to Belgian-style ales. It was a concept I was extremely excited about and couldn’t wait to see what kind of list they’d come up with. Without further ado, here’s the (very large) list after the jump:

Flying Dog In Heat Wheat $5.00
Schlafly Seasonal $5.00
O’Fallon 5 Day IPA $5.00
Northcoast Scrimshaw Pilsner $5.00
O’Dells Easy Street Wheat $4.00
Goose Island 312 $4.00
Schlafly No. 15 $4.00
NorthCoast Pranqster $5.00
New Belgium Mothership Wit $4.00
O’Fallon Wheach $4.00
Charleville Half Wit Wheat 22 $5.50
Rogue Imperial Pilsner 750 $10.00
Schlafly Pilsner $4.00
Unibroue La Fin du Monde $6.00
Unibroue Maudite $6.00
O’Fallon Gold $4.00
O’Fallon Smoke $4.00
Butte Creek Organic Ale $5.00
HE’BREW Genesis 10:10 $4.50
HE’BREW Messiah Bold $4.50
Shipyard Export $4.50
Mendocino Blue Heron Pale Ale $4.50
O’Dells 5 Barrell Pale Ale $4.00
Rogue Imperial Pale Ale 750 $10.00
Bell’s Amber Ale $5.00
Goose Island Honker’s Ale $4.00
Rogue Morimota Soba Ale 22 $8.00
Abita Turbodog $4.00
Anchor Liberty Ale $4.00
Arcadia Hopmouth Double IPA $4.00
Mendocino White Hawk IPA $4.50
Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA $4.00
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale $5.00
Schlafly Dry Hopped APA $4.00
Butte Creek Organic Porter $5.00
Flying Dog Road Dog Porter $4.00
Rogue Imperial Stout 750 $10.00
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout $5.00
NorthCoast Old Rasputin Stout $5.00
New Belgium 1554 $4.00
Rogue Mocha Porter $5.00
Goose Island Nut Brown $4.00
Goose Island IPA $4.00
Charleville Tornado Alley 22 $5.50
Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider $4.50
Anheuser Busch Budweiser $3.50

Did you follow me all the way down here? Quite a list isn’t it? That’s the kind of list beer nerds like me would love to see at every restaurant. The best part is that Patrick assured me that this list isn’t going to be the same list year after year, month after month. They understand that not unlike vegetables, beer is seasonal. So what you see now, you may not see 3 months from now.

Really exciting stuff, I can’t wait.