stlhopswikiHere we go again.  Last year at this time I mentioned how STL Hops had grown. For the first year of STL Hops, we had 385 posts and 1400 comments.  Over the past two years we’ve now accumulated 881 posts and 4421 comments.  That’s some amazing growth.

More importantly, we’ve created a beer community that not only has a voice that’s been heard, but I think we’ve also helped to change the local beer scene for the better. STL Hops added a St. Louis Beer List which allows users and restaurants/bars/retail to add and edit their own lists.

We’ve helped to add new breweries, like Founders, to the area.  We’ve attracted the attention of other breweries, like Stone.  We also helped to make the St. Louis Craft Beer Week a popular and exciting event.

STL Hops has been featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sauce Magazine, the Riverfront Times and we also won the 2009 Best Local Forum from St. Louis Magazine.

And I know it sounds cliched to say it, but it all couldn’t have been done without people here.  But it’s not just because people are visiting the site, it’s because people are visiting the site and are discussing beer in a positive and respectful fashion.  You wouldn’t think it would be a huge issue having people act like adults, but, this is the internet and it really is amazing to see people act their age.

I’m really proud of the site and look forward to what the next year will bring. So, I once again thank everyone who has stopped by and added something to this community. Thank you.

And now, for the information I’m sure some of you have been waiting for.  We will be holding an STL Hops 2nd Anniversary party sometime in November at the Schlafly Tap Room, the total cost will probably be $20-25 per person with all proceeds being donated to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. I’ll have more information about this event to all of you soon.

Once again, thank you for making this website so successful.