inbev.jpgI know I’ve kept pretty quiet about the whole AB/InBev deal, mostly because I’m pretty apathetic to it.  I know it sounds pretty terrible, but in my eyes it’s just a business decision. (In fact this article sums up my feelings pretty well.)  I realize that a lot of people in St. Louis would be affected by the buy-out, but it basically comes down to one huge company buying another huge company.  It just so happens that people have a special place in their heart for one of the companies, but unfortunately all of the fliers, blogging and hand wringing in the world isn’t going to do much to stop it.

On the lighter side of all of this, it looks like Schlafly is trying to do their part to keep local beer local, they’ve begun a fund-raiser to buy InBev.  Now it’s only going to take 50 billion small one dollar donations to make it happen, but nothing is impossible!