beer-122_1280×960.jpgI have a few St. Louis transplants that read STL Hops, so this post is for you. St. Louis Brewery has shipped out 2007 Schlafly Reserve Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout and Schlafly Reserve Barrel-Aged Barleywine to New York, New Jersey and Boston, Massachusetts. Fifty-six cases of each beer was shipped to NY, NJ and Boston. I’ve had a few friends confirm to me that they have indeed seen these beers on the shelves in NYC.

Dan Kopman, Schlafly’s co-founder and Vice-President, tells me that if inventory holds, they could be shipping to Maryland, Washington DC, Virgina and possibly even Oregon and Washington state. As these are some of the best beers Schlafly has to offer, I think it’s awesome that the rest of the nation will get to see what we’ve been enjoying for quite some time.