sourcellarIt’s been a long time coming, but as we all know, good things come to those who wait. I received word this afternoon that the Schlafly Tap Room has cracked into one of those beautiful barrels they have in their “sour cellar” and that they will be releasing a Flanders Red this Friday, May 17th.

I wrote up the original post about Schlafly re-using their bourbon barrels way back on August 2nd, 2010. This was kind of a new venture for Schlafly so they wanted to take their time and get a feel for it. This first beer is one of my favorite sour styles and I’m very excited to see what the folks at the Tap Room have cooked up.

This will go on tap as of 11AM on Friday. The beer is 5% ABV, originally had 15 IBUs, and according to Schlafly brewer Brennan Greene, “On (a) scale of 1-10, (10 being the most sour beer I’ve ever had,) this is a 4 or 5.”

There will be no kegs available of this and they’re still deciding on growlers. Your best bet is to stop by the Tap Room and grab yourself a glass along with a bite to eat. You won’t go wrong.