Last week I received a press released from the fine folks at Schlafly about a new collaboration they were working on called “House In Session Ale.”  It’s a collaboration between Schlafly and Greg Engert from Church Key, Greg Jasgur from Pizza Paradiso, and Sam Fitz from Meridian Pint.

If you’ve never heard of any of those pubs, fear not: they’re all in Washington DC.  House in Session ale was created to be exclusively sold in the Washington DC market to celebrate the introduction of the Small BREW Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho.

As this was a Washington DC exclusive, I had a difficult time justifying putting the news up on STL Hops.  It’s certainly exciting to see Schlafly working on new collaborations, but it almost seems like a tease if you never get a chance to try it.

Well, lucky for all of us, Schlafly held back a few kegs of this 4.2% session beer and plan on tapping it at 5PM on April 7th at at the Schlafly Tap Room to celebrate the 78th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.  Here’s a description of the beer from the press release:

Engert, Jasgur and Fitz created the recipe for House in Session Ale, (a 4.2% alcohol by volume dry-hopped American session ale) and travelled to St. Louis in February with Jeff Wells of DOPS Distributing to join Schlafly brewers Stephen Hale and Brennan Greene in the brewing of the beer. “We dry hopped this beer with more than one pound of hops per barrel, Simcoe and Amarillo, which creates a malty, drinkable, hoppy IPA that is full of flavor and easy to enjoy” said Hale.

This is going to be your only chance to try out this unique Schlafly collaboration, so make sure to make time to make it out the the Tap Room this Thursday.