I briefly mentioned this beer a couple of weeks ago when I brought news of a few new beers coming from Schlafly, but it’s official:  Drew Huerter’s Burn Ward Wheat will be released tomorrow, July 2nd at the Schlafly Bottleworks.

The quick story behind the name is that Drew burned himself while brewing a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing serious, but enough for a good yarn and a great name.

Here’s the details about the beer:

14.9 Plato OG
2.2 Plato FG
6.87% ABV
50 IBUs

Mostly 2 row Pale Barley malt, 37.5% Wheat malt, a little Munich and CaraVienne. Bittered with Columbus. Simcoe, Palisade and German Tettenang were used for flavor, aroma and in the dry hop. The hopping rate is about 2lbs per barrel. Fermented on our Kolsch and English Ale yeasts at an elevated temperature.

An American Wheat brewed to the specifications of an American IPA. This is a summertime wheat beer for hopheads, and hoppy beer for those who don’t have a taste for bitter beers. With a generous dose of wheat malt, a small bittering addition (this ale gets most of its IBUs from later, more flavorful hop additions) and a dry finish, this is a strong ale for the summer.

I had a chance to sample a small amount of this yesterday, and I think everyone will be very happy. This 13 barrel batch is hoppy without being too bitter and very refreshing.